Study of the modeling combined with a deep knowledge of the available technology, we can shape the most complex ideas or respect the strictest canons of classic knitwear. A seamless knitwear, in addition to the undeniable comfort, has the advantage of avoiding the assembling, thus reducing costs. This type of processing can be performed in 5-7-12 gauges.


We can implement any kind of fully fashion item. After a careful study of the sample, we analyze the optimization of the production processes, maintaining the highest quality of the product at the best price for the customer. We produce fully fashion samples in 5-7-10-12-14-16-18 gauges . MULTIGAUGE It is a special technique that allows working with two gauges in the same canopy to achieve unusual and very special effects. The possible combinations are: gauges 5-7 gauges 7-12 gauges 12-18


Exploiting the technical capabilities of our machines we can offer on fully fashion items a variety of applications such as pockets, flap pockets, shoulder pads, buttonholes, collars, etc..

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